It is fundamental to look for wellbeing weaknesses in your applications as dangers develop more significant and common. Application security is a method of planning, incorporating, and testing security highlights inside applications to stay away from dangers, for example, unapproved access and adjustment of security weaknesses. Since 2005 there have…

Digital transformation change is a pattern that is beginning to get going in the previous few years. As a result of the quick creating advancements, it is unavoidable for individuals of various fields to secure them and actualize to upgrade their administrations. …


Codeassembly is a full-service start-up development team with an R&D office in Kharkiv, Ukraine and a sales and legal office in the UK.

*What we offer***

You’ve got an idea that’s too good to pass up? Get started with us! You’ll get a highly-skilled team that works on one project…


Codeassembly is your trusted full-service software development partner that helps build and grow your business.

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